Funding = AI

We are deep AI focused 25M Eur venture capital fund based in the eternal city and all over the world


We are venture capital fund. We have 25M Eur fund. We are interested in tech and AI. We have just started the fund (2021), so we are hungry. Our team consists of academics and entrepreneurs scattered around the world. This item is entered just to make sure you read everything. We believe that with the help of AI, we can overcome the problems that plague humanity. We mainly work within the EU. We are a privately funded fund. We are most interested in startups in the pre - seed and seed stages.


We are investors with a huge academic and entrepreneurial background looking to make the world a little bit better. We hope our startup teams will be a little crazy, hard working and willing to change the world (preferably for the better). We are crazy about technology and AI. We expect the same from you. We are most interested in startups in the pre - seed and seed stages. We can be a lead investor, just as we can be a co - investor. We don’t want to be just money givers with quarterly reports. We want to provide our startups with all possible scientific and technological support. We believe in two-way communication, so we want to learn from you, just as you will learn from us.


Our team is a strong mix of academics and entrepreneurs who all firmly believe in building a bright and secure future through technology and AI. Our team of scientists can delve into the technological processes, their development and application for hours upon hours. The business people of our team do not sleep at night and think about how to adapt those technological processes to the needs of business and society and commercialize them. Together, we can endlessly discuss the benefits, harms, security, customization, and development of AI. We look forward to seeing you in this discussion.


For a long time, the term AI has not only been part of science fiction. This is an area that more or less touches the daily lives of each of us. And its influence is only growing - over the past few years, AI usage in many businesses has increased by about 270 percent. AI will undoubtedly influence future production, supply, communication, business processes, our daily habits, choices and decisions. There is also a huge responsibility to manage the AI development process properly. Therefore, it is up to us to determine the future of AI.


Since our goal is a 100 % answer rate, you have a high chance of getting a response from us. We try not to follow only the first impression and not to decide about the book from the cover, so you will probably get a lot of additional questions from us. Be simple, untemplated, specific. In addition to the main idea of the startup, we are also interested in your successful and unsuccessful experiences, recommendations, future strategies.


Email: hello (at) labedgeventures (dot) com

Address: Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 15, 00144 Rome, Italy